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Witty, funny and with LOTS of opinions Dana Cortez is blazing a path for female hosts on radio. As the lead of a male dominated cast, Dana is the voice of her listeners. Starting out as single mom she knows first-hand about the struggle—and listeners identify, clinging to her words of advice and encouragement. Married to one of her co-host DJ Automatic, conversations are authentic and real.

Behind every great female lead there’s a DJ and executive produce-husband in this case. Known for his attempts to be the voice of reason—AND for his ridiculous shoe game—DJ Automatic brings the latest in the music scene to the show. He’s the first to admit that music and hip hop are his mistress. He’s plugged-in, passionate about the culture and listeners feel it every day.

The best friend to the married couple, he’s millennial, single with his ear to the streets. Anthony is a magnet for the show’s young-end fans. He’s hip and is what every millennial women is looking for... someone who dates through phone apps with strong social skills. Often the mediator between Dana and Auto, he brings comic relief to serious topics.

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